Be More a Creative Photographer

I can’t believe my last post was in November! Sorry!

I just completed the ‘Be a More Creative Photographer’ course at the PrairieView school of Photography with other Deaf photographers. It was good to be back in class for 5 sessions where we continued to learn how to develop our creative side to create stunning images by capturing the essential quality of a scene.  We also learned how to break the rules! This all helped me to think outside of the box and to allow my creativity to just keep flowing.

Our first assignment was to create 100 different photographs of only one object without changing the location.  I have chosen the best images from this assignment to show you.


The second assignment was to create images that represented LOVE and LONELINESS.  I created this image to shown both LOVE and LONEINESS.  This photo is of my son who is going to school in Milton, Ontario for the year.  His absence left our home feeling empty and lonely but we were comforted by the constant check-ins through facetime. Our love for him is so great and being apart was so hard for us all. It was a challenging year.

180514 Creative Class 0153


For the third assignment, we had to shoot something and then reshoot it again.  I have chosen several pictures from this assignment for you to view.


The last assignment was a crazy one! I had to photograph a potato in a way that is conveyed happiness, sadness, and romance. I was proud of myself that I was able to create these moods with only a potato.  It was a very fun assignment!



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